We fit many different accessories to many different makes of vehicle. We fit the usual roof racks, tow-bars and alloy wheels etc... to all makes of vehicle and prices are available on request. We have a full valet and preparation bay on site and can fit ply lining kits and bulkheads to the customers individual requirements.

Some of our most popular accessories are pictured below along with a small explanation of the accessory and it's purpose. Take a minute to browse at some of the pictures to see if anything is suitable for yourself and your vehicle.

Most of our accessories are available on mail order direct to your door with free postage and packaging. Our prices for mail order are very competitive but obviously fitting must be done by the purchaser.

Please phone for prices on any accessory listed below.

Roof Racks

This is the most popular selling accessory that we do. All vans are catered for, from just a simple 2 bar rack to a full 4 bar roller system, we've got it covered! Can be fitted or mail order (free p+p).

Step Ladders

Ideal for the taller van giving access to the roof. Made from galvanised steel then black polyester powder coated for extra durability, the treads on these ladders are anti-slip. Can be fitted to your van or mail order (free p+p).

All pipe carriers are made from anodised aluminium with lockable end caps, these carriers clamp onto roof bars so no need for drilling. Available fitted or mail order (free p+p).

We can also provide side frails tailed for your van, these can be used for carrying large panes of glass or wooden sheets etc. Available fitted or mail order (free p+p).


Ideal for the everyday need to organise your van so that you can reach your tools and parts easily and quickly, many racks available in different combinations and specifications. Fitted or mail order (free p+p).

Low Cost Van Insurance

Abbot Commercials customers can enjoy a discount on their van insurance through Commercial Vehicle Direct, just quote our Abbot discount number when calling.

Low Cost Van Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Direct: 0870 751 8185 | Abbot Discount number: 0877


Towbars can be fitted to the majority of Vans, pick-ups and any other vehicle that you require.

Phone Systems

Bluetooth handsfree kits are fitted to your specific requirements, whatever they maybe.

Parking Sensor Systems

We can supply and fit a wide variety of parking sensor and parking assist products to your vehicles, all to your specified requirements.

Steel Bulkheads

Steel Bulkheads can be supplied on all makes of vehicle. Available either solid, punched or solid with a window fitted. Black or White. Have them fitted by us or mail order (free p+p).

Plylining Kits

Plylining kits are available on all makes of van, kits are made from the very best quality birch plywood and come pre-drilled with all fixings. Fitted or mail order (free p+p).

Power Upgrades

We fit power chips to increase the engine power of your vehicle. This is a reasonably simple but effective way of boosting horsepower and torque and is extremely popular. This service is available for lots of different vehicles. Please phone for a quote 01626 354 971


Designed for load security. A thick steel plate is fitted over the door locking mechanism making it nearly impossible for intruders to break into your van. A very popular selling accessory. Available fitted only.

Roof Vents

A simple and effective way to stop condensation and to keep clean air flowing through your van. Supplied with internal shutter control, available in black or white. Can be fitted by us or mail order (free p+p).